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 Improving the World by Demaling It!

Changing the World

Most people would like to change the world and make it a better place, but they have no idea how to go about it since the world is so vast and complex with so many people and so many ideologies. For most people, changing the world seems to be an impossible task since they struggle daily just to improve their own lives.

The Problem

Improving the world, like improving anything, requires identifying the problems and causes of those problems, and in our world, the problems are wars, crime, poverty, greed, hatred and injustices small and large. And the cause of most of those problems is the destructive effects of testosterone. Most people, males and females alike, try to be good and do what is right, but males are at an extreme disadvantage because of their testosterone. Their own hormones corrupt their thinking and make them poor decision makers. Even the males who usually are good, often make bad decisions and do bad things, and most of them have little idea why they do some of the stupid, crazy, selfish and criminal things they do. And males are a bad influence on females too. In most instances in which a female commits a crime, she did it because of or at the bidding of a male.

Females Can Do It Better

Since most males are the problem, most females are the solution. Females are not burdened by the effects of testosterone, and that alone helps to make them morally superior, better decision makers, and more humane in all respects. Females should be in every important position of power. If we lived in a world in which females made all the important decisions in our lives, it would be a great improvement over the way males rule our world.

What History Teaches Us About Changing the World

We learn from history that people who have changed the world (both good and bad) share common characteristics: They had a clear idea of what they wanted and what stood in their way of getting it, a strong belief in themselves and their cause, the opportunity to take power (or they created their own opportunity), the ability to persuade large numbers of people to believe in them and work to accomplish their goals, and a good measure of luck (which is usually the result of good planning and hard work).

Following that analysis, this is our approach: We want to improve the world by working to eliminate war, prejudice, hatred, and injustice, most of which result from the way males think, act and make decisions. Males -- or specifically -- male hormones are the problem. Males as much as females suffer from bad decisions made by males. Improving the way males traditionally think and act helps everyone. Females, even though most of them don't know it, have the power to change males and make the world a much finer place. We know how to change males for the better and for years have been teaching females how to do it. We call the process of reforming a male "demaling." To demale a male means to permanently change and improve the way he thinks and acts.

Traditional Thinking is the Problem

Where has the advancement of traditional male ideas gotten us? We have more wars, poverty, injustice, greed, and other problems than ever. It's time for a new idea, drastic new ideas that will bring on drastic changes.

After analyzing the problem, we realize the world is not a huge place with an unbelievable number of problems, and we realize most of the world's problems are based on our male-based culture and traditional ways of male thinking. To change the world, we have to change males. It seems like a huge problem because there are so many males in the world and so many cultures, but looking at it in another way, it is not that complicated because all of today's cultures have been corrupted by male-based thinking -- how we raise children, how we govern, how we do business, how we perceive religious and political beliefs, etc. Males have created the framework and continue to dominate in every facet of our lives. It's time for a change.

How We Are Changing the World

Therefore, first we have to empower females, let them know the power they possess and teach them how to use it. The secret to changing males is to start by changing females, let them know that they can change things in their own lives by changing the males in their families and communities, and teaching them how to do it.